Second Opinion Service

Second Opinion Service

It is very common for patients suffering from any medical illness, who want to make sure that they are making the best decision to maintain the best of health, to get second opinions from other super speciality doctors.

Our Second Opinion Service –

  • We understand that proper expertise may be lacking in many cities both in India and Abroad. Incorrect treatment of most of the medical conditions can worsen the disease.
  • Whether you live in Delhi or across the globe, you now have access to the experience and expertise of our team of super-specialized doctors. Our doctors, also actively involved in cutting-edge researchcan provide a second opinion by reviewing your medical records.
  • Patients seeking a second opinion can send medical records along with all radiological and laboratory investigations results for doctor’s review.

Why do patients seek a Medical Second Opinion or MRI/X-ray Review?

  • Individuals affected by a medical/surgical condition often feel confused by the initial diagnosis and prescribed treatment.
  • With a healthcare system that continues to become more complicated, as well as various treatment options ranging from non-surgical to surgical, patients often question their diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Our doctor may validate the existing diagnosis and treatment plan or may offer alternate approaches for treating the medical problem.
  • In addition, the doctor can also provide information regarding expected outcomes, potential complications and recovery time

What Can Our Medical Second Opinion Service Provide to Patients?

The second opinion that our doctors provide from reviewing your case history, MRIs and/or X-rays can help you:

  • Gain more knowledge about your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Make more informed decisions about your health care
  • Compare diagnosis and treatment results between two physicians
  • Confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan are correct

A good doctor understands a patient’s right to be well informed. Some doctors will even encourage patients to contact a medical second opinion service because a different doctor may determine a different diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

How to Get a Second Opinion from Naveda Healthcare Centre

  • You may feel concerned about offending your treating physician by obtaining another medical opinion utilizing our second opinion service, but you should feel comfortable.
  • Be honest with your original physician, and he or she should not be offended because information is vital to all patients when it comes to healthcare.
  • To initiate a second opinion from our doctors, you will need to gather a copy of your medical records, laboratory, MRIs and radiology results to give them a better understanding of the details of your medical condition and then follow the instructions you will receive after submitting the documents.

How Much Does a Second Opinion Consult Cost?

  • A second opinion taken virtually is considered equivalent to an in-person visit and is charged accordingly.
  • The complexity of the case and the length of medical records, considering the time required to go through them in detail and making a clinical diagnosis and management plan determines the exact professional fee charged.
  • This type of service is generally not covered by insurance, but check with your individual insurance representative for more information.
  • If surgery or further management of the condition is performed by our team, your Second Opinion payment will be adjusted in the final charges.

For the kind attention of Outstation and Overseas patients:

  • Please book a confirmed appointment with your concerned specialty doctor before making your travel plans. Failing to do so may cause you inconvenience in consulting them or you might not be able to meet them at your convenient time due to our multiple commitments.
  • If traveling from abroad, you can request a letter from us which can help you in obtaining the relevant Visa to travel, if applicable.
  • It would be advisable to share all your previous medical records with the doctor online and fix a mutually convenient appointment for an in-person visit.

Salient Features of a Second Opinion:

  1. A careful review of all your medical records, blood tests and radiological scans.
  2. Answer to a list of all your questions.
  3. A phone call/ video call for a detailed discussion of the various treatment options individualized for the patient.
  4. Valid digitalized prescription and medical opinion.
  5. Ability to ask follow up questions.

How do I schedule a Second Opinion appointment?

  1. Fill the form provided on the website for booking an appointment.
  2. Our staff will contact you by Email/Whatsapp/Phone within 24 hours to assist you in processing your telemedicine request.
  3. Send us your patient’s prescriptions, reports, clinical pictures, video, and a list of your questions to us by Email on or Whatsapp your concerned specialty doctor.
  4. You will receive payment details and money can be transferred directly to our bank account or by using various e-gateway portals like Paytm/ google pay/ phone pe.
  5. As per request, a phone call will be planned within 1-2 days after deciding on a mutually convenient time. If you request a written opinion, you can receive a phone call within 1-2 days and the final written opinion in 2-3 business days.
  6. Follow up questions will be answered by e-mail or Whatsapp over the next 3 days.

If you intend to consult the doctor in-person for a Second Opinion kindly book an appointment through our website portal. This can be availed at any of the practice locations visited by the doctor as per schedule and by prior appointment only.